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Multi Gauge Loom Making 8 Looms per pack = AUD$3.68 a Loom which is exceptional value!

NEW Round Knitting Loom Set of 4 Multi Gauge Looms

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Round Knitting Loom Set includes 4 different sizes of round knitting looms with a hole between pegs to change the gauge.

By adding extra pegs you will increase the number of stitches and reduce the gauge making it ideal for all your fine knitting needs.  Then when you want to use a chunkier yarn, simply remove the pegs in between and it will be ready for your new projects!

Insert extra-pegs between the standard pegs:

2 cm distance C2C on the Yellow Loom and will reduce to 1 cm with extra-pegs inserted

Green, Red and Blue looms have standard pegs 1.8, 1.6 and 1.6 cm (3/8″ looms) apart By adding extra pegs these halved to smaller gauges.

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Round Looms Set:

1) Yellow Loom: 41 pegs + 41 extra-pegs –  diameter: 28cm / circumference: 83cm

2) Green Loom: 36 pegs + 36 extra-pegs  – diameter: 23cm / circumference: 69cm

3) Red Loom: 31 pegs + 31 extra-pegs – diameter: 18cm / circumference 52cm

4) Blue Loom: 22 pegs + 22 extra-pegs  – diameter: 13cm / circumference: 37cm

5) Instructions sheet / knitting hook (blue) / plastic needle / yarn guide

We recommend you to remove extra pegs using round nose pliers

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