If you have lost your password, SCROLL DOWN to the bottom of the page for instructions on how to reset it.


  1. Click on the “Lost Your Password” link above. You will find this above in the “Log In” Section, below your password field.
  2. A new page will appear. Enter the email address that you originally used when you set up your account. Note – if you entered your email address incorrectly when you originally set up your account, the system will no recognise it. This is 99% of the time why you will not be receiving emails to reset your password.
  3. Enter the email that you originally used to create your account in the “Reset Password” field and click on “reset password” button
  4. The page will refresh and tell you “an email has been sent”
  5. When you receive the email, click on “click here to reset your password” link
  6. A new page will come up SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE to reset your new password
  7. Enter your new password details into the field provided. Write it down as you will not receive an email with your password for security reasons or SAVE it in your browser by checking the “Remember Me” box next to the login button. Your browser will automatically store it for future login purposes.
  8. You should be able to log in now with your new credentials

If you cannot get into the site it is because you have either forgotten your login credentials or you have created your original account with incorrect spellings. These are the only 2 reasons why you cannot access your account. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER WEBSITE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOG IN. YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD NEVER CHANGE from when you originally set it up.