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The sky’s the limit with these amazing, Multi Gauge looms. You are able to configure the gauges to any size you want giving you a minimum of 8 looms in a pack. Incredible value!

Consider 8 Looms for just AUD$3.68 each loom!!

You can configure these looms to anything you want really, so saying they are 2 in 1 looms really is not right. They are whatever you want them to be!

In most cases, shipping is also much more affordable from your International counterparts. Even though it is coming all the way from Australia, we have the most affordable shipping costs in the world.

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We are now the Official Australian Distributor for Cindwood Looms and also stocking Knitting Board Looms!

iLove Looming is now the Official Australian Distributor for Cindwood Looms and also stocking Knitting Board looms!

When you purchase from iLove Looming, you will be paying the USD equivalent exchange rate and AUD Shipping. This is wonderful news and its cheaper to purchase them from this site due to our Shipping Rates being much more affordable than USA!

If you purchase from the US Site, your shipping will be almost double so it makes sense to purchase in Australia.

I am so excited to be apart of this wonderful company, who are the leaders of the Looming World and am privileged to be their Australian Distributor.

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Please consider, even if you are from outside of Australia, please compare the prices on other sites and you will find that our prices are the most affordable by far for quality multi gauge looms!

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Note: All prices are shown in AUD. If you are purchasing outside of Australia, prices will show 10% less on AUD when you are logged in to your account.

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